VisualBee Premium 3.2

on Thursday, March 15, 2012

VisualBee has models that can be applied to any PowerPoint presentation that you want to transform and enrich. You can also use the images and models from his collection.

With just one click: VisualBee, one-click process the presentation and provides a showcase colorful and effective. Users can select the style you wish to have their presentation. Each style will provide a distinct background-new design, types of images, color combinations, styles and everything else that makes a successful presentation.

Tune it: With VisualBee you have full control over your presentation and you can review and edit each slide of it, modify it is contained until you're happy with how it looks. Easily change images, colors and layout.

Personal touch: My Library is a secure personal database that contains images, templates, and layout. Authorized users can upload graphics for use by software VisualBee increases when the presentation of the user.

VisualBee is free for everyone and everyone can use. Transform your presentation into a work of art, better results and better reactions from your customers. All this can be done with a single click on the icon of VisualBee in PowerPoint. With premium will get even more great additional features.

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