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on Saturday, March 24, 2012

For many years Dreamweaver and its bitmap-based graphical partner Fireworks (included but not updated) have led the way in terms of state-of-the-art website creation, but the previous CS5 release was criticised for its lack of HTML5 support. Many claimed Adobe was soft-pedalling browser-based standards in favour of its own player-based Flash format.
Dreamweaver CS5.5 is designed to put such doubts to rest, starting with new coding support for HTML5 and display support for its <video> and <canvas> tags. Support for the other open web standards that come under the HTML5 umbrella has also been improved, most notably for CSS3 via enhancements to Dreamweaver’s CSS Styles panel, code hinting and Live View. Thanks to rendering based on the latest WebKit engine

ich and robust scripting is essential to HTML5, and Dreamweaver CS5.5 seriously boosts its JavaScript capabilities with full integration of the industry-leading jQuery framework. Enhanced code hinting here is key, making it easier to select DOM elements and do more with them.
Dreamweaver CS5.5 also lets you use jQuery objects such as layout grids and collapsible blocks and provides jQuery starter layouts for mobile projects. With PhoneGap integration, including the ability to add device-specific functionality such as multitouch and geolocation support, you can now build native iOS and Android browser-based mobile apps directly within Dreamweaver CS5.5.

You can also apply CSS-based media queries to alter your layout and design based on the screen size, changing the number of columns and font size, for example. To ensure that your browser-based content works well across all mobile devices, Dreamweaver’s Multiscreen dialog box lets you see quickly how your project will look on different screen sizes. Media queries are also now supported in Live View in real-time.

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