Interviewly:interviews with interesting people, pulled from reddit, organized, and made prettier.

on Friday, March 21, 2014

Reddit is the self-styled “front page of the Internet”, home to a melting pot of memes, discussions and humor — it’s where sites such as Buzzfeed get a lot of their inspiration from. One of Reddit’s most well-known facets is its ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) series, where famous or noteworthy individuals and teams answer questions posed by the community.

Everyone from Barack Obama to Bill Murray has taken part in a Reddit AMA, but these threads and discussions can be difficult to follow, especially if you’re not a regular Redditor. A new site called Interviewly is looking to make these AMAs easier to read and more accessible for a wider audience — compare the original Bill Nye thread with the Interviewly version, for example.

Usernames and comment threads are stripped out, leaving only the questions and the answers in a neatly laid-out format. Creator Dan Drabik, who works at Kickstarter, says that the design of Reddit doesn’t work well for interviews: “I’ve cleaned them up a bit, added photos, ordered the questions chronologically, and broken them into categories,” he explains. “For now, I’ve focused on the interviews of well-known people, but that may expand in the future.”

Head over to the site to see the range of content that’s available, which covers film and TV, music, authors, sports, tech and politics. There’s also a Twitter feed that you can follow.



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