on Wednesday, October 16, 2013

revamped features an attractive, image-driven interface that beckons new users, but many Delicious vets may be turned off by some of the features that were broken in the transition. will not win any awards for prettiest website, but the simple design makes it easy to use. Having been the forerunner to the modern trend of social bookmarking, has a strong community and the most content of any of the social bookmarking websites.

Users who want to search through available bookmarks as well as store their own bookmarks will find this strong community an added bonus. Having been in operation the longest of any current social bookmarking sites, there is plenty of content to search through, and more added every day.

Signing up and getting off the ground is a breeze as walks you through the steps of setting up a button in your browser to get started bookmarking sites. The no-thrills design means there is not much to confuse you, so it is very easy to begin using right away.

One feature that could be done better is the standard button that is installed onto your web browser. New social bookmarking sites operate by having this button pop up a window on your web browser to enter information on a site without ever leaving it, while takes you to their site to enter the information, and then back to the original site.

But, for the most part, is a solid choice for those new to social bookmarking and those looking for more than just a place to store their bookmarks.


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