whitesmoke 2012

on Saturday, January 21, 2012

WhiteSmoke 2011
grammar checker, an up-to-date dictionary and convenient and accurate translation tools. Using its artificial intelligence features, the software analyzes the content of your text rather than just looking at the mechanics.
Despite its comprehensive package, its tools are similar to those used by the spelling and grammar functions built into top word processing software packages. It includes some additional usage features that top word processors don't have, though, and we are impressed with the writing resources available from the company's website.
You may have prepared your text in a word processor, in the body of an email or on a blog, but you can insert your text into the WhiteSmoke interface by pressing the F2 key on your keyboard or by applying a simple copy and paste function. Note, however, that it limits the amount of text you can analyze at one time to 3,000 characters. Simply click on the "check" button at the top of the interface, and the software provides a review in seconds. Click on the errors it identifies, and it will provide an explanation of the grammar, spelling or punctuation issue. Accept the changes by double-clicking on each note. Then simply return the text to the document or text field where you are working.


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